About Us

We are Infinite Reign Clothing, a black owned, luxury brand. Founded in 2020, we at Infinite Reign believe in high quality and exceptional customer service. 

When you wear our items, be prepared for the attention and compliment they will garner. You WILL be noticed. We are creating a new swag in pin culture - rock them in every way you can think of and more!

With the world becoming so automated, we didn't want you to lose the feeling and personal touch that in store shopping brings.  We still want to create that excitement around it all! It will be evident when you receive your package the time, care and attention that has been individually put into them. 

This is a luxury brand and our goal is not to have everyone wearing our product, but only the exclusive people who are not afraid to be bold, to be different, who embrace individuality. Those who take chances, want to make a statement and don’t follow the pack. 

We welcome you.